Amaretto SPIKES Sour

Submitted by Matt Stentz – “Amaretto-SPIKES -sour. 1Lemon spikes ice quartered with a chefs knife Put 2 oz.amaretto in shaker with Spikes ,shake well Dip rim of glass in lemon juice and dip into sugar . Fill glass with sour ,add cherry and serve.Simple and refreshing ,no matter where you enjoy it (pool,shower, library ,ect.) #spikesice

Redds Apple & Strawberry Spikes

Submitted by Kaylee Whirls Juriga – “I sold our wood bar to this guy that just started up a business called Spikes. Essentially it’s spiked ice for your beverage. You can spike your beer with a lime spike or like tonight I spiked my Redds Apple ale with a strawberry spike ?. It’s pretty delicious!! I love how it keeps my beverage cold too! Yum!! #cheers #Spikesice

Coconut Lime Bai with Lime Spikes

Submitted by Amanda Balster – “It may be cold and snowy in Cincinnati, but a lime #spikesice and coconut lime Bai bubbles makes me feel like I’m on the beach! ?

Cranberry Vodka & Lime Spikes

Submitted by Joshua Kelly – “Who needs to wait for the weekend! No vodka and cranberry is complete without the lime. Shout out to #spikesice for making this drink perfect!!!”

Hard Fruit Punch & Lemon Spikes

Submitted by Debbie Fay-Long

Arnold Palmer & Lemon Spiked Ice

Submitted by Jeanne Brauns

A refreshing drink to watch the Masters #spikesice. Arnold Palmer and Lemon Spikes Ice!! No DillyDilly here!!!

Cucumber Lime Vodka & Club Soda

Submitted by Michelle True Tobias – “Great way to start the weekend! #spikesice with cucumber lime vodka + club soda and finished off with a squeeze of lime. Cucumber slices added to make it fancy ? love this stuff”