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Hard Strawberry Lemonade

Eveyone loves extra flavor in their lemonade – and it’s even better with the hard stuff!  This gives your hard lemonade a strawberry twist while keeping it Ice Cold – definitely a crowd pleaser! Ingredients 16 oz Hard Lemonade Strawberry Spikes Walking-around glass This is a definite nod to the sweet-tooths in our community.  Simply […]

Spiked Long Island

This is the first cocktail combination suggested by our community.  The splash of lemon in your Long Island Ice Tea keeps it super cold and strong – perfect for listening to the band on a hot summer night.  It was a staple on our first official showing at St. Michael in 2017. Ingredients Vodka Rum […]


Strawberry Spikes are the wild card – a unique addition to your favorite drinks. A bit on the sweeter side, this flavor is great for exploring your own custom drink. Our favorites so far have been in drinks with some fruity character to them already.  We’ve had success in gose, blonde, lemon shandy (strawberry lemonade , anyone?), […]


Lime Spikes are a refreshing, slightly sweetened lime concoction to keep things crisp and cool. Lime is our flexible player – it goes great with a Mexican Beer, a normal light beer, or a fruity Pale Ale (think Saison). If hard liquor is more your game, this is perfect in a lowball glass with a decent […]


Lemon Spikes are our original flavor – a slightly sour lemonade that is cool and refreshing for a summer day at the ballpark or out back by the grill. We’ve had the best success with lemon in a simple light beer – and our hometown has some great ones to try it in.  This combo gives […]

Frozen Lemon Shandy

This one is the original – when you want an ice-cold beer by the grill, nothing beats a frozen lemon shandy.  The first couple attempts at this used Bud or Miller, but we’ve found it works great across the spectrum of light beer.  And if you want to keep it pure Cincinnati, try making this […]